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Building your own presence on the Internet can improve your job search. It is no longer enough to post your resume on the major job boards, you must have a personalized presence of your own that reflects your skills, experience and personality. Incorporating Social Media and Social Networking to give yourself the necessary exposure. The name of the Game is to be "found" by recruiters. iCareerPortal is the perfect platform in which to launch your online persona.

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Step 1 - Secure Your Domain Name

Securing your domain name is the first step in building the foundation for your personal brand., or another career oriented URL will become your calling card during your job search and beyond. Grab your domain now for $9.99 through Domains at iCareer Portal

Step 2 - Complete Your Order

There are a lot of stand-alone solutions out there that might leave you feeling a bit insecure, our process is very simple and we provide support from the start. Our team will not only build your career blog for you but support you in building your personal brand online. For complete details on the process click here or the " How it Works" tap on the main menu.

Step 3 - Build Your Personal Brand

We support you in building a solid online presence that will you get you "found" by your future employer. We incorporate our full range of expertise in Social Media marketing as it pertains to your job search or professional development. We Strategically deploy your Career Blog, in conjunction with sites like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook in a coordinated way will help you create virtual real estate that will help you promote your career for year to come.